Artwork Specifications

Artwork Specifications:

Our pre-press and design departments take great care in pre-flighting all customer supplied files. We do our very best to inform all customers of any printing problems that may occur. However, we cannot be held responsible for artwork not correctly prepared for commercial printing. The ultimate responsibility lies with you, our valued customer to ensure the correct specification for submitted artwork. As a general rule, we recommend that all artwork be prepared by qualified graphic designers experienced in the print industry.

Artwork must be supplied in Press Ready PDF format and correctly prepared for commercial printing, for your artwork to be Print Ready it will need to be:
In Adobe PDF format
Supplied with 2mm bleed on all 4 sides
In CMYK format
Fonts are embedded or converted to curves
Transparency effects have been flattened
Correct Crop marks applied
Image based artwork 300dpi
Text based artwork 600dpi
Design elements kept within 3mm margin
Minimum line thickness 0.3pt
Minimum font size 8pt
Maximum ink coverage 300%



About Bleed
We require your artwork to have a minimum of 2mm bleed on each edge.
Business Cards, Swing Tags & Stickers require 2.5mm bleed due to their small size.

Bleed refers to the printing that goes beyond the trim edge, which allows for movement on the guillotine when trimming your product down to size. You will need bleed on any coloured background or image that touches the edge of your artwork.

Bleed ensures that when your artwork is cut down to size, there won’t be a hairline white edge where an image or background colour ends. The 2mm of bleed will need to be added to each edge of your document. So for example, if your artwork is A4 (210x297mm) with bleed included, the total size of the artwork is 214x301mm.

About Resolution
The minimum resolution recommended for print is 300dpi. Anything less than 300dpi may be low resolution and may not print with the desired clarity you were after. If your artwork is predominately text based, we recommend 600dpi to ensure you achieve the sharpest looking text.

The resolution displayed on the web is 72dpi. This means that images saved from the internet/Google may not be suitable for print because the resolution could be much lower than the 300dpi minimum we recommend. We do not recommend sourcing your images from Google due to copyright reasons and image resolution.

Please make sure to read your artwork proof carefully. If we note that your artwork may be low resolution and unsuitable for print we will advise you so that you can edit and correct your artwork accordingly.